What is Personal Tutoring?

The Personal Tutoring service as it now stands, managed under Student Engagement began in October 2017.

The service is designed to provide the students with a real means for discussing any issues, both pastoral and academic. Personal tutors aim to create relationships with tutees at the start of term through a service induction group session. This is to help familiarise them with the academic expectations of the institution; easing the transition into Higher Education, the transition from one level of study to another, etc.

Personal tutors are responsible for also meeting with students individually to create personalized individual learning plans, using the transition experience, student goals, module marks and assignment feedback. Personal tutors liaise with module leaders and course directors, where needed.

Our aims are to provide…

…a structured and transparent system that supports student progression and retention across all courses.

…an integrated and proactive system that focuses on providing high quality academic support to students that follows the student experience from Pre-Entry, Induction, On Course to Exit.

…a system that illustrates how we achieve our Coventry University London vision ‘by providing a real business and professional experience that is tailored to individual talents and future career ambitions’

…a system that is sustainable within the known constraints of resource and budgets and managed at campus level.


We provide our service through:

  • Service induction group sessions (aka compulsory group sessions): these occur at the start of each term and are compulsory for all new and returning students in their first term. New UG students will return for a second compulsory group session in their second term. In these sessions, we promote our service, set expectations of personal tutoring, advertise other student services and promote an inclusive and safe environment. These sessions include a mixture of activities to increase engagement.
  • Individual meetings: as discussed above, in these meetings we create and monitor individual learning plans according to the student needs. This often includes setting actions to attend Spotlight, Careers or Personal Tutoring workshops. Where necessary or highly requested, extra support documents or activities are also created for students.
  • Workshops: as an outcome of student feedback and discussions across academic and professional departments, we now offer support workshops surrounding pastoral and study skills. These workshops are not repetitive of what other department’s offer, as we work with all departments to ensure our content is appropriate and meet the student needs.
  • Care calls: where we deem necessary, we also make care calls to our students to check-in and offer pastoral or study skills support.