MO10L Online Learning Complete!

I’m the type of person that hates to leave a job half-done, so only dipping into the course a week at a time was a challenge for me, especially when I allowed allocated times to catch-up on blogs after completing each 2 week course.
Now, I can see the light as I see the above 100% of steps completed!

I just wanted to share my joy of having each little checkbox ticked!

The learning over this module has a times being repetitive and ardious, making me miss face-to-face lectures and seminars, but this is what I opted for by taking an online course!

Although, at times it has been a little difficult to manage, I feel rather accomplished. Not only have I been actively participating in each week, but my confidence has grown dramatically. My fear of secondary and FE teaching experience and qualifications not being transferable to HE have been dashed. I have found that my abilities and my style works well in HE and I should have never doubted myself! More so, I have learnt a fair few skills and areas of HE T&L, which I was previously unaware of. I hope to continue this learning to be a successful teacher with happy, engaged students, reaching their full potential.

My next steps are now to complete the UKPSF mapping activity and the final reflective assignment.

Wish me luck 🙂

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