Returning from Winter Break

Back again to blogging in January 2019 after a short winter break over the Christmas period, but so much has happened!

I have decided to continue my professional development in 2019 by undertaking a Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner qualification this coming February. After working in a project management role for a couple of years, I have decided to take the leap and match my experience up with management study. 
I’ve very nervous to start as I will be self-funding the course and using a great deal of my annual leave to attend the course. I am confident that I will successfully complete the course and gain the qualification, but it’s a high cost for a role I am also comfortable in. 

I will also be moving this year, hopefully by Spring (crossed-fingers, touch-wood and all things related to luck). This means that the last module may be a little more difficult, as the distance to from my new home to Coventry will be a great deal longer. I am however, still enjoying the course and determined to complete the course with great success. 

Other than new courses and the move, I have no other plans changed for this new year. No resolutions, nor new fads. I’m just looking forward to embracing my studies and the upcoming change!

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