End of M08 -Final Thoughts

I have now come to the end of the M08 FutureLearn and f2f module. 

The last course of the module ended with a final video summarising the learning journey of the module. 

Key points students were to takeaway, include: 

  1. Assessment Literacy
  2. Developing students capability to self-evaluate
  3. How to design assessment 
  4. Assessment and feedback processes – the course-based approach
  5. Social and dialogic approaches
  6. Standard and quality processes that are special to UK HE, such as moderation and calibration 
  7. Consistency in practice

On reflection of the full module and my own current practice, Course 3 on Meaningful Feedback was one of the most engaging. I was able to use the information and knowledge gained and apply this to my actions as a Personal Tutor, but also as the manager of the service. 

I hope in future to use my wider learning on assessment and feedback at HE level, combined with my previous experience leading in FE quality and assessment, to provide outstanding support to students of subject-specific teaching.  

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