The Profiling Tool & My Observation Form

Profiling Tool

As part of our portfolio, we were advised to reflect on our own practice in two ways: the use of a Profiling tool developed by Hughes et al. (2014), and an Observation form for the use of assessment/feedback. 

The Profiling tool was a very interesting method to reflect on verbal feedback and how the structure of our feedback can impact the learner. 

I personally complete the profiling tool, adding a tick for practice I feel I exhibit when teaching my subject area (Sociology, Psychology and Citizenship). I have added a X where I feel I exhibit the practice as part of the Personal Tutoring Service. 

The full document can be found here. 

Final Observation Form

The observation form was completed in reflection of my redesigned assessment. My module leader has completed her own feedback on this, which was very reassuring for my practice, which is outside of academic content teaching. 

You can see the full document here: 

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