Core Knowledge

K1 The subject material Personal Tutoring services are centred on offering support for pastoral and study skills. My previous background is in teaching, qualifying in 11-18 PGCE Citizenship, where I trained in Citizenship, Sociology, Psychology, Careers Skills and PSHE Skills.

I am consistently improving my knowledge through actively researching skills taught for recent and relevant articles.

K2 Appropriate methods for teaching, learning and assessing in the subject area and at the level of the academic programme As I organise and develop sessions for each stage, I work closely with course directors and colleagues to ensure they are pitched at the right level and include information relevant to the course subject.

Through research and involvement in social media sites, I am able to find and use multiple methods to differentiate learning for a mixture of groups.

K3 How students learn, both generally and within their subject/disciplinary area(s) I am very aware that different subject groups will require certain skills, which personal tutors can support with. For this reason, I communicate regularly with course directors and academic staff.
K4 The use and value of appropriate learning technologies Since beginning the PGCert, I have made a conscious effort to include some use of learning technology in class. This improves student engagement, varies activities and also saves on waste paper.

As manager of personal tutoring, I have led my team to create online learning sessions, which include formative assessment. These are created using Moodle lessons, so engagement and completion data can be tracked and fed through to individual communications and support plans.

K5 Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching Each session ends with a feedback survey, which rates different areas of each session, such as:

–       Have we reached expectations?

–       What was most helpful?

–       What was least helpful?

–       How well was the session delivered?

–       Were handouts or class resources useful?

The use of formative assessments and other activities to evaluate teaching are used within service introduction group sessions and skill development workshops, in order to feed into how the session progresses. If students understanding is low, then the original plan is altered to class needs.

K6 The implications of quality assurance and quality enhancement for academic and professional practice with a particular focus on teaching


The feedback survey used at the end of each lesson is used to inform any immediate changes we need to make to the session plans, as well as long-term considerations to improve the service.

The end of module surveys are also used to inform which levels (UG or PG) require more focus on development.

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