Making a start on our group project

The introduction session for M09 was used to introduce the CLS teams to the group project, to Design a PGDip Course as a group and present this course to a mock Course Decelopment and Review (CDAR Panel).

Each CLS Group were tasked to begin looking at the student journey for the PGDip course, remembering the 60 credits would be targeted to students such as ourselves who has completed the PGCert, as well as the journey towards the final 60 credits for a MEd.

This activity allowed each team to get creative, with lego, poster paper and plenty of other materials available.

Those of my CLS in attendance and I had made the decision to break down each stage, first looking at the journey and skills developed in a PGCert then the same for MEd.

We were then able to consider what we would enjoy and expect if continuing on to a PGDip.

The CLS and I agreed our preferred specialist focus would be on Inclusivity. This group decision allowed us to consider the types of modules and experiences we wished to be present within our course design, considering teaching, learning and assessment, as well as the Coventry pillars.

Take a look at the outcome of our collaboration, which will become the basis for this project:

For reference, other teams created the below:

To continue with our group project, each team member will need to engage with the online FutureLearn content and work as an active member of the CLS.

I’m personally looking forward to working with everyone.

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