M09 Group Assessment Ground Rules

Before completing the induction for the M09 module, the CLS team that were present drafted ground rules.

Unfortunately, not all members were available for the introduction to this module/group project. The ground rules may therefore evolve over the period of the term, but the essence of working collaboratively is expected to remain.

Ground rules:

  1. Attend least one face-to-face meeting before CLS (a meeting will be arranged to take place before each f2f for planning and progression with the module).
  2. To share calendars with CLS team members, so all are aware of Annual Leave.
  3. Each member should contribute to the course development. This will be evidence by using track changes and including initials on updates/comments.
  4. To complete FutureLearn content in a timely manner, to be able to participate in the group project.
  5. If a member of the team is struggling or do not understand an activity/content, they should communicate this with the team. As a CLS, we want to support each other – our success is dependent on one another.
  6. To work as a team!

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