I won a Coventry.Domains award!

A good few weeks ago, I received an email with the following:

I am pleased to let you know that we would like to give you one of the Coventry.domains Awards in recognition for your inspiring practice, in particular through the sharing of reflections on your engagement with the PgCert through your website http://jodiecalleja.coventry.domains/

My first reaction: well this is some interesting spam mail. So what did I do? Of course I search check the recipitent had an internal account, then I double-checked their details on the DMLL website. 

How very embarressing to admit, but I had no idea these awards even occured let alone I had been shortlisted!

So my next reaction: speechless! Why me? I didn’t think what I’ve been doing is all that special!

I agreed to a few of the dates offered to collect the award and offer a presentation. 

At this point, I didn’t even know what to present on or how! So, I began collecting ideas on how to show off my Coventry.Domains skills, as well as my love for using new tech, which I use to promote student engagement. 

Just to seem a little more self-loving right now, here’s a couple of snaps of the day!

The DMLL Grass Space – I got there early so took a photo of the cool grassed area, where the awards took place.
My certificate and snazzy DMLL mug
Selfie opportunity and my new LinkedIn Photo 🙂

Thank you so much the DMLL team for recognising my work and classing ME as an inspiration *swoon*. 

On a serious note, I was so overwhelmed with this award that I began considering what I gain from blogging and I have decided to begin my own personal little blog. I won’t release too much, as I’d like to keep my blog anonymous until I am comfortable in what I’m posting. Honestly, my confidence has really been boosted from this (and I promise not to get a big head). 

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